Experiences and different influences shape our daily work. This enables us to develop sustainably: as a winery as well as an individual. Always united by the passion to make extraordinary wines together in this extraordinary place.


Regenerative farming

The southern Styrian origin and the terroir of the Sernauberg significantly characterise our wine style. We believe in the human aspect of what we do, just as we believe in bioregenerative agriculture.  We cultivate our vineyards according to Bio Austria guidelines and have been a certified winery since 2020. Since 2024 we have been in biodynamic conversion to Demeter. This is because we see our winery not only as a home of good wine, but also as a habitat for people, animals and plants - something we always take into account. For us, regenerative means that soils, vegetation and productivity get better instead of just staying the same. And that the vines sustainably care for and regulate themselves through our steering, because an intact nature and living soils are the basis for our wines. That is why we are always creating new habitats at the winery, establishing and maintaining biotopes and cultivation-free zones.


Sustainable and natural

Nachhaltigkeit ist für uns kein Zustand, sondern ein Prozess, in dem wir uns befinden und mit dem wir uns stetig weiterentwickeln. Dem Gedanken des Weglassens folgend, schonen wir Ressourcen und reduzieren sie laufend ein Stück mehr:

  • Our wine bottles are 100% recycled.

  • We work with natural cork instead of plastic, aluminium or glass closures. We put the visual mark of quality wine on the bottles with a paper band instead of using tin capsules.

  • In recent years, we have had an expenditure of less than 1.5 kg of copper per hectare and year (exception 2018 and 2022: 2 kg) in combination with sulphur and plant extracts from horsetail and nettle.

  • We only use our certified fertilisers selectively with the aim of improving the soil, never purely to increase yields.

  • Plots with sufficient soil health regenerate via a targeted circulation system controlled by a well thought-out greening concept.

  • We vinify our wines with natural yeasts from the vineyard. They are subjected to biological acid degradation for self-stabilisation and tartaric precipitation through cold stabilisation in winter.

  • Sulphur applications are reduced to the minimum (usually < 30mg/l).

  • Our wines are unfined and, generally, unfiltered.